Our Core Values

At Green Home Systems our work is guided and informed by our belief and commitment to the following core values:

Service excellence

We will spare no effort in providing outstanding levels of service to our customers, business partners and colleagues, delivering to plan and on time with quality assured.

Technical brilliance

We maintain complete knowledge of low carbon construction through understanding, learning and attention to detail.


We are the sum of our combined talent and understand that with collaboration we can feel, act and behave as one inclusive team to harness the true power of our collective abilities.


We are each responsible for our words, actions and results, and commit this to others.


We are passionate for success in everything we do: success means customer satisfaction through zero-carbon fuel wealthy solutions.

Low carbon first

We prioritise low carbon solutions in everything we do.

Civic minded

We care about the communities we work in and will always leave a positive social and environmental impact.


We respect and deal fairly with everyone inside and outside our organisation.

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