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Green Home Systems are swinging back into partnership with South West Skills

Green Home Systems have announced the continuation of their long term partnership with the leading hockey camp for young people, South West Skills, by extending their sponsorship into 2021. The partnership is in response to Green Home Systems desire to support community wealth building in Scotland and develop high quality learning environments.

South West Skills (SWS) was established to deliver sport camps in Scotland by offering over three hundred children and young people fantastic opportunities to further develop their understanding of sports and improve their abilities. At SWS an environment is created to provide quality learning for budding athletes to discover key skills, and with one coach per twelve participants this allows for enhanced personal development opportunities. SWS are committed to providing children with exposure to sporting excellence, and achieve this by providing access to highly experienced coaches, including those with experience of top national leagues and District and International caps.

“In a mission to support talent development and participation within sport, SWS delivers coaching clinics, catered towards the individual needs of individuals. With a coach to player ratio that allows individual feedback and specific guidance, the technical development and tactical understanding that delivers improved performance is the overall mission within our clinics,” said Chris Duncan, Director of Coaching at South West Skills. “We believe that every individual who plays sport should have the opportunity to flourish and we aim to support this through hockey. Whether players wish to become future Olympians or just play for fun, we cater to them at our camps and ensure their time is fulfilling and rewarding”.

Managing Director of Green Home Systems, Steven Easton said “We are excited to be announcing our continued support of South West Skills, as they offer a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop their skills and knowledge. We have a responsibility to create a comfortable environment for young people to thrive in their abilities. We are looking forward to what this partnership will bring.”

Green Home Systems is an energy efficient company who are passionate about saving energy by providing services such as thermal insulation, smart heating systems, renewal energy technologies and electrical vehicle charge points to domestic properties. Established in 2014, the green energy company has completed over 10,000 energy efficiency projects, lifted over 7,000 families out of fuel poverty and prevented more than 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

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