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When it comes to solar panel installation in Scotland, our team will handle the logistics, so you can relax.Simply fill in our enquiry form to get your free home survey to find the best options for your home and family - whether it be Solar PV or Battery Storage, Green Home Systems has you covered.

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Solar Panels in Scotland

Our qualified experts can assist if you are interested in installing solar panels in your home or business. If you are unsure whether solar panels would benefit you, our skilled team of solar panel installers will get in touch with you and walk you through all the different options available to you.

With energy prices continuing to rise solar panels offer commercial and residential customers the chance to reduce costs by making use of renewable energy. Whether you require Solar PV or Battery Storage, the knowledgeable staff at Green Home Systems can help.

The installation of solar PV panels gives you access to clean, renewable electricity with low operating costs and also helps you reduce your carbon footprint. The usage of solar photovoltaics is a reasonably priced and environmentally responsible substitute for conventional electricity that will significantly lower your energy costs.

Solar Panels make use of daylight’s renewable and sustainable qualities to transform it into power. The semiconductor material inside the cells causes them to produce a significant quantity of free energy when they are exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, which is sufficient to power home appliances.

A solar PV system can also be installed in tiny areas like rooftops and back gardens, and yet operate extremely effectively. Appliances that are connected to it, including TVs, washing machines, and refrigerator freezers, will be powered by the electricity produced.

Any excess power can be used right away or put back into the grid by being either stored in a battery or returned to the power system. This is why many customers are now turning to solar panels to power their home.

If you are considering installing solar panels in your home call our helpful team on our free phone 0800 783 3373 for more information about our solar panel installation and battery storage services, or complete our short contact form and we will call you at a time that is convenient.

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Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy is one of the renewable energy sources with the greatest rate of growth in the UK, and the team here at Green Home Systems prides itself on offering our customers the best solar panels on the market.

All the solar panels we install have been meticulously created to be reliable, durable, and ecologically beneficial. This guarantees that using our products homeowners will have many years trouble free access to renewable energy.

Some solar installations can be finished in a single day. However, a larger system will require more planning, which may make the installation take several days. We will be able to choose the best size system once we are aware of your property’s requirements.

To minimise any disruption, the solar installation team typically erects scaffolding before beginning work on your system.

All scaffolding will be taken down once your solar panels have been installed, and we’ll clean up before leaving your property in the same state we found it.

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The Main Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar energy is a renewable resource that may be used repeatedly.

  • Environmentally friendly – solar energy emits no emissions or contaminants.
  • Quiet – Unlike other forms of energy production, solar energy is completely silent.
  • Versatile – Solar energy can be used for a wide range of things.
  • Effective – Solar panels can produce power from up to 20% of the sunshine they receive.

The Costs Involved with Installing Solar Panels

The upfront cost of solar panels, as well as what installing them will entail for your home, can be intimidating. However, it was estimated that a 4KW system will pay for itself within 7 years, but the recent rise in the cost of electricity probably means that period of time is likely to be reduced.

There is also grant funding available in Scotland under the ECO 4 scheme for homeowners looking to install solar panels in their property, If you are eligible, the ECO4 scheme could cover some or all of the cost of installing solar panels in your home. Please check the latest funding options below.

The team here at Green Home Systems can help with your application and give advice on your eligibility for ECO4 funding.

To get more information on our industry leading solar panel installation services and the grant funding available call us for FREE at 0800 783 3373 or submit an inquiry using our short form.

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Battery Storage

When it comes to battery storage for solar panels, the staff at Green Home Systems has all the solutions.

Even if solar panels turn sunshine into electricity, you will still have to pay for electricity, particularly at night. It will vary based on how much electricity you consume.

However, Growatt battery storage makes it possible to make up for this. You may successfully do away with the need for high electricity bills by converting the extra solar energy generated during the day into AC power and then storing it in batteries until needed. The battery will store whatever energy you do not need during the day.

With the help of our Growatt battery storage solutions, you can live a greener life and lessen your carbon footprint. This access is even possible without a solar PV installation because a variety of affordable solar battery systems are easily accessible.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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What Funding is Available to me?

Home Energy Scotland ('HES') is funded by the Scottish Government and run by the Energy Saving Trust. So if you don't qualify for ECO funding there is still a lot of help available. This funding is a mix of interest free loans and cashback (effectively a grant). The maximum amount available per home is £38,000 as shown below.
MeasureGrantOptional LoanTotal FundingPackage MeasureRural Uplift
Internal Wall Insulation£7,500£2,500£10,000
High Heat Retention (storage heaters)£2,500*£5,500£8,000*Package required for Grant
Flat Roof Insulation£3,000£1,000£4,000
Room In Roof Insulation£3,000£1,000£4,000
Loft Insulation£1,500£500£2,000
Under Floor Insulation£1,500£500£2,000
Cavity Wall Insulation£1,500£500£2,000
Heat Pumps£7,500£7,500£15,000£1,500
Solar PV£1250*£4,750£6,000*Package required for Grant and Loan
Battery Storage£1250*£4,750£6,000*Package required for Grant and Loan
* Package required is a renewable energy source to be included in application or already present in premise such as ASHP, Hybrid ASHP, HHR or Biomass.
This funding is not means test - the only qualification is that you must own your own home and be located in Scotland.

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