Solar Panels Perth

Like most of us, we’re sure you would like to substantially lower your energy costs. If so, why not talk to the team here at Green Home Systems about our solar panels in Perth, Scotland. Our PV solutions are designed to offer year-round access to cheaper electricity.

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Solar PV Perth

The knowledgeable staff here at Green Homes is committed to providing everyone in Scotland with the opportunity to have a sustainable future.

Solar PV in Perth generates clean, renewable electricity with minimal operating costs and practically zero emissions for about the annual cost of a home’s electric bill.

We provide dependable solar panels in Perth that reduce your carbon footprint by converting sunlight into electricity. If the balcony or backyard of your home receives adequate sunshine, you can produce enough energy to power your appliances and still have extra to heat your water.

You can use your backup energy sources like battery storage to stay powered up during a cloudy month when you might need more energy than the sun can provide.

Call 0800 783 3373, fill out our short contact form, or look through our frequently asked questions to learn more about Green Home’s solar PV services in Perth and the surrounding areas.

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Solar Panel Installation Perth

Solar power is one of the most dependable renewable energy sources currently on offer, and its popularity is gradually rising. As a result, at Green Home Systems – Perth, we only  offer the best calibre solar panel installations.

All the solar panels we provide are dependable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. You can live a healthier and more environmentally responsible lifestyle by taking advantage of our solar panels in Perth.

Solar panel installation in Perth can be completed in a single day, but bigger installations typically require more planning. Our experts can make sure they recommend the right size solar system for you by thoroughly evaluating the needs of your site.

Our Scottish solar installation team often erects scaffolding before starting work on your property, and once the project is finished, they take down the scaffolding and clean up the area.

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Benefits of Solar Energy in Perth

  • Great way to make substantial savings on your energy bill.
  • A clean, renewable source of energy.
  • Can be used for a wide range of domestic purposes.
  • Keeps your carbon footprint to an absolute minimum
  • Makes you much less dependent on fossil fuels.

You won’t be disappointed with the solar panels we have to offer in Perth. At Green Home Systems we are here to help you with any of your inquiries and to take the pressure off of you during this process.

Our goal is to ensure that our solar installation service in Perth and the surrounding locations consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. Call us for FREE at 0800 783 3373 or submit an inquiry using our short form.

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Battery Storage Perth

At Green House Systems, our team of professionals dedicate themselves to giving you clean, sustainable energy for your home.

Solar panels perform a great job of turning sunshine into power, but they won’t be able to produce as much at night as they can during the day. With the help of cutting-edge technology, our battery storage options in Perth enable you to store all the additional energy you generate during the day for usage at night.

Any electricity costs will be significantly reduced once battery storage is accessible since you can store any extra solar electricity until you need it.

Your initial assumption could be that Perth battery storage is only appropriate for homeowners who have solar panels installed and are looking for a solution to store excess energy. Actually, it goes far deeper than that. If you’re eager to learn more, get in touch with us right away.

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What Funding is Available to Me?

The Scottish Government supports the Home Energy Scotland programme, which is run by the Energy Saving Trust. Even if you don't qualify for ECO funding, you may still be able to get a lot of help. The funds are made up of refunds and loans with no interest (effectively a grant). The most you may spend on each house is £38,000.
Maximum Renewables Funding£9,000£8,000£17,000
Maximum Energy Efficiency Insulation Funding£9,000£6,000£15,000
Maximum Energy Storage (Battery)£6,000£0£6,000
There is no means test for financial aid; the only conditions are that you be a resident of Scotland and be the owner of your own property.

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