Solar Panels Largs

With the rise in cost of living, homeowners are encouraged to use alternative technologies to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Battery storage and solar PV panels are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment in the long run.  Call our team at Green Home Systems to learn more about solar panels in Largs.

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Solar PV Largs

It is understandable that people wonder if solar panels in Largs would be too expensive and whether they will offer the same advantages as conventional electricity. However, the reality is that solar photovoltaic energy is not only very economical but also an extremely efficient way to power your home. Many families and communities in Largs are now choosing to install Solar Panels in their homes and places of business. This is because doing so not only allows them to save money but also reduces their carbon footprint and helps the environment.

The cost of solar panels in Largs has significantly reduced over the last ten years, making them more accessible to the average customer. It is essential that you locate a reliable solar energy provider if you’re interested in purchasing solar panels. That way you can be certain that you will be provided with the ideal solar PV system for your residence or place of business. 

By employing the services of our expert team you are guaranteed Solar Panels of the highest quality. Once installed, your home will become a more energy efficient, eco-friendly and economical place to live. To get all the details on our industry leading solar panels in Largs, contact our professional team without delay.

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Solar Panel Installation Largs

One of the most dependable and renewable energy sources now available is solar electricity, and interest in it is steadily growing. We are dedicated to providing the highest calibre solar panel installations in Largs and the surrounding areas. Every single Solar Panel supplied by our team is dependable, durable, and environmentally beneficial.

By utilising our solar panel, you may live a healthier and more ecologically conscious lifestyle. The installation of solar panels in your Largs home can often be finished in a single day. However, larger installations usually require more preparation, so these installations may take several days. By carefully analysing the requirements of your site, our experts can make sure they recommend the ideal size solar system for you. Before beginning work on your property, our solar installation team will erect the scaffolding; and once the project is complete, they take the scaffolding down and clean up the area.

Advantages Of Solar Energy Largs

  • A great option to significantly reduce your energy costs. 
  • A clean, renewable source of energy.  
  • Can be used for a variety of residential needs.
  • Minimises your carbon footprint.
  • Reduces your reliance on fossil fuels. 

The quality of our solar panels and installation services means you won’t be disappointed. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. Our aim is to consistently surpass our customers’ expectations with our solar installation service in Largs. Call us on our free phone number 0800 783 3373, or use our short form to get more information.

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Battery Storage Largs

Not familiar with how battery storage systems operate? During periods of cloudy weather, it’s possible that you will not generate enough electricity to fully power your home. With battery storage, all excess energy can be stored for use at times when the sun is not generating the required amount of power. Battery storage in Largs will help ensure you have access to energy whenever you need it and your home will continue functioning efficiently.

Battery storage systems in Largs are usually installed by homeowners who want to make a significant savings on their energy costs. Once installed, battery storage allows you to become more reliant on solar energy, thus keeping your energy costs to a minimum. Anyone who is looking to lessen their carbon footprint while reducing energy costs should make installing Solar PV and battery storage a priority.

In addition, battery storage can be used to keep your house powered during a power outage. Anyone who resides in a neighbourhood that frequently has brownouts or blackouts would benefit from battery storage. The importance of having a backup power source increases if you have young children or elderly family members residing with you. Get in contact with our experienced and knowledgeable team today to learn about our battery storage solutions in Largs.

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What Funding is Available to Me?

You can still get help if you don't qualify for ECO 4 Funding through Energy Saving Trust's Home Energy Scotland (HES) program, which receives funding from the Scottish Government. Cashback and interest-free loans form the basis of the funding. A maximum of £38,000 can be borrowed per home.
Maximum Renewables Funding£9,000£8,000£17,000
Maximum Energy Efficiency Insulation Funding£9,000£6,000£15,000
Maximum Energy Storage (Battery)£6,000£0£6,000
Only qualifying criteria are homeownership and Scottish residency - this is not a means-tested program.

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