Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are an ideal way to heat your home in a green way.

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By generating your own heat you can lower your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills.

An air source heat pump works by taking heat from the outside air and feeding it into the central heating system. Heat from the outside air is absorbed into a fluid which is then boosted to a higher temperature and transferred to the heating and hot water systems. Air-to-water pumps feed heat into a wet central heating system, whereas air-to-air pumps feed heat into fans.

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An air source heat pump normally looks like an air conditioning unit. It is usually placed outside at the side or back of the property and can be installed with little disruption.

Green Home Systems is accredited to the top energy efficiency industry standards. We have the qualifications and experience to install your renewable system so you can save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and lower your energy bills.

What Funding is Available to me?

Home Energy Scotland ('HES') is funded by the Scottish Government and run by the Energy Saving Trust. So if you don't qualify for ECO funding there is still a lot of help available. This funding is a mix of interest free loans and cashback (effectively a grant). The maximum amount available per home is £38,000 as shown below.

Maximum Renewables Funding£9,000£8,000£17,000
Maximum Energy Efficiency Insulation Funding£9,000£6,000£15,000
Maximum Energy Storage (Battery)£6,000£0£6,000

This funding is not means test - the only qualification is that you must own your own home and be located in Scotland.


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