Air Source Heat Pumps East Kilbride

Our team at Green Home systems are able to provide and install air source heat pump systems in East Kilbride. No matter what your needs are – private installation or funding – we can help. Call us for FREE, and we can take you through the selection of air source heating systems available to you.

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Make Your Home More Eco Friendly with Air Source Heat Pumps in East Kilbride

Reducing the cost of their home heating is a common goal for many people. Using conventional heating methods such as wood or gas can be expensive, so air source heat pumps in East Kilbride can help save you money. In addition to saving you money, heat pumps are also an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating systems. Air source heat pumps are capable of heating both your home and your hot water. 

Homeowners in East Kilbride who are looking to make efficient use of electricity and natural gas without compromising the quality of life, will undoubtedly benefit from one of these systems. Fill out our simple contact form or call Green Home Systems for more information about our air source heat pumps in East Kilbride.

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An Overview of Air Source Heat Pumps in East Kilbride

Heating your house with an air source heat pump in East Kilbride is an interesting concept. This inventive method makes use of outside air to generate heat for your home in place of gas or electricity. There are several reasons why a heat pump might be a worthwhile investment for any homeowner To speak to us directly, call for FREE on 0800 783 3373, or fill out our simple enquiry form today.

As with any type of heat pump, air source heat pumps consist of an air cooler and a heat pump. Heat is extracted from the outside air by the air-cooler and transferred to the house by the heat pump. There are a variety of models when it comes to air-coolers and heat pumps. The most typical are those that use a refrigeration cycle.

However, there are also alternative models that make use of either a desiccant or vapour cycle. Our advice is to take into account the location of your property, and the climate you live in, before making a decision on which model to install.

The Concept of an Air-to-Water Heat Pump

You can use air-to-water heat pumps to not only heat but also cool your home. If you live in a moderate climate and are looking to cut your monthly energy bill, you should consider an air-to-water heat pump. Warm or cold air is pulled into the system and pumped through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger will then make use of water to deliver hot or cold air depending on which type of system is in place. Not only are air source heat pumps reliable, but they can be programmed relatively easily. In addition, it’s silent, so you won’t have the distraction of noise while you’re lying on your couch or sleeping.

Our team at Green Home Systems can provide you with plenty of advice when it comes to finding the ideal Air Source Heat Pump in East Kilbride, so feel free to contact us any time.

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Air Source Heat Pump Installers in East Kilbride

Our team at Green Home Systems consists of accredited professionals who are experts when it comes to air source heat pumps in East Kilbride. Installation of this type of heating system is crucial, and we are committed to doing it right.  This is why many of us hold accreditations for heat pump installation in East Kilbride.

Our home heating services range from the fitting of solar panels and heating systems to the installation of air source heat pumps. Moreover, with the minimum of disturbance to your home, we take pride in completing all our work to the highest standards.

Call 0800 783 3373 or fill out our simple enquiry form to speak with our air source heat pump installers in East Kilbride for FREE.

Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps in East Kilbride

  • Air Source heat pumps are great when it comes to supply your home with heat and hot water
  • Air source heat pumps offer the same level of energy efficiency as more conventional heating systems.
  • Air source heat pumps offer more longevity and are much easier to maintain
  • Air source heat pumps can be used all year round.
  • Air source heat pumps are included in the government's Homes Energy Scheme (HES) environmentally friendly initiatives.
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Funding for Air Source Heat Pumps in East Kilbride

The cost of an air source heat pump is higher than the cost of a gas or oil-fired central heating system. Nevertheless, when comparing the running costs of air source heat pump systems to conventional methods, the benefits of air source heat pumps quickly become apparent. In addition to saving on your energy bills, an air sourced heat pump will also reduce your carbon footprint. The air source heat pumps we install in East Kilbride qualify for a government-funded scheme, which provides free home upgrades, or a contribution depending on the circumstances.   To get more information visit our funding page.


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