Under Floor Insulation

Floors are often overlooked when it comes to insulating properties, however under floor insulation is an effective way to prevent heat loss from your home.

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What is Under Floor Insulation?

Normally only ground floors need to be insulated, but any floors above unheated spaces (such as a garage) should be considered.

Under floor insulation can be installed to homes that have suspended timber floors by accessing the void space below the floor and installing insulation material between the floor joists from below. Homes that have a solid floor – most newer homes – can only be insulated when it needs to be replaced or by adding a new layer of rigid insulation on top of it.

Although access is required to the floor void through an access hatch, this causes relatively little disruption and will remain hidden once the installation has been completed.

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Why Insulate?

Insulating floors can prevent heat loss to the ground below and prevent cold draughts entering your home.

Green Home Systems is accredited to PAS2030 – the top insulation industry standard. We have the qualifications and experience to insulate your floor properly so you can save energy, reduce carbon emissions and lower your heating bills.

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