Room-in-Roof Insulation

Room in roof insulation is a unique type of insulation system that is designed specifically for properties with rooms set into the roof space.

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What is Room-in-Roof Insulation?

A room in roof is typically (but not always) a bungalow which has had a loft conversion that is accessed from a fixed staircase, but it can also be an original building feature. Normally a room in roof will have sloping ceilings, and dormer or sloping style windows at the upper floor.

A room in roof can have multiple different heat loss elements including sloped ceilings, stud walls, dormer and gable walls and a flat ceiling; and by insulating all of these elements properly a thermal barrier is created that prevents heat from being lost. It is important that each element is appropriately considered and incorporated into the system design to prevent thermal bridging and maximise the energy efficiency gains.

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Why Insulate?

A room in roof with poor insulation will lose lots of heat, and in some cases about a quarter of the heat in a home can be lost through its roof. Insulating your room in roof properly can be complicated but it will create considerable energy efficiency benefits and help keep your home warm.

Green Home Systems is accredited to PAS2030 – the top insulation industry standard. We have the qualifications and experience to insulate your room-in-roof properly so you can save energy, reduce carbon emissions and lower your heating bills.

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