Internal Wall Insulation Scotland

Internal wall insulation is used to insulate solid wall properties by fitting insulation to the inside walls of the property and creating a thermal barrier between the inside of your home and the outside world.

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What is Internal Wall Insulation?

It is normally a cheaper alternative to external wall insulation and is ideal for properties where outside insulation is not suitable – such as sandstone buildings. Although it can be quite disruptive the installation can be done room by room and there are a variety of products to suit different properties.

This should only be installed by a professional installer as it is a highly specialised insulation measure. It is important that your home is properly assessed before internal wall insulation is installed to ensure the correct materials are used and to prevent installation issues such as condensation.

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Why Insulate?

Almost half of all heat can be lost through uninsulated solid walls, and by properly insulating your solid walls you will save a lot of energy and help keep your home warm.

Green Home Systems is accredited to PAS2030 – the top insulation industry standard. We have the qualifications and experience to insulate your solid walls properly so you can save energy, reduce carbon emissions and lower your heating bills.

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