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Have You Considered Cavity Wall Insulation in East Kilbride?

It is a well-documented fact that the majority of heat escaping from your home goes through the walls. Here at Green Homes we are able to provide cavity wall insulation in East Kilbride that could help reduce your energy bills by up to 35%.

When you insulate the walls of your home there is less energy wastage. This is because when a home has proper insulation, heat is retained for much longer. This in turn significantly reduces the amount of fuel needed to keep your home or business warm. Therefore, it is likely that cavity wall insulation in East Kilbride will lead to a considerable cost saving over the year.

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What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall insulation in East Kilbride is a process by which special insulation materials are injected into the walls of a property to stop heat escaping.

Cavity wall insulation can only be carried out on properties that have cavity wall construction. If your property has cavity wall construction we can help.

Foremost, we will drill small holes in the exterior of your property, once this has been done the appropriate insulation material will be injected into the cavity until it is full. The holes will then be filled making them virtually invisible to the naked eye. Because there are a variety of insulation materials it is imperative your property is properly assessed prior to work starting. By doing this our cavity wall insulation team can ensure the correct insulation is applied preventing issues such as condensation arising.

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Around a Third of all Heat is Lost Through Uninsulated Cavity Walls

When you insulate your cavity walls you will not only reduce heating costs, but also make your home a warmer more pleasant environment. The purpose of cavity wall insulation in East Kilbride is to provide the property with a thermal barrier that will prevent heat leaving through the walls. Once installed cavity wall insulation in East Kilbride will make it easier to get a constant temperature in the property.

Here at Green Homes we are proud of our PAS2030 accreditation which is the highest of the insulation industry standards. Our many years of industry experience along with our qualified workforce means when you use our services the work will be carried out correctly and to a high standard. By insulating your cavity walls using the correct material we can help you save energy, reduce carbon emissions and keep your heating costs to a minimum. As well as having more money in your pocket, when you install cavity wall insulation you can have a positive effect on the environment.

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Types of Cavity Wall Insulation in East Kilbride

There are a number of different types of cavity wall insulation. These include mineral wool, UF foam and polystyrene beads. As each property is different it is important that you take advice on the most effective material for you. Before doing any work on your home we will first do an assessment to ensure we provide you with the most suitable product for your property.

What are the Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation in East Kilbride

There are a number of benefits directly associated with the installation of cavity wall insulation. These include but are not limited to:

  •   Save money on heating bills
  •   A warmer home during colder months
  •   Extends the life of your boiler
  •   Quick installation
  •   No maintenance
  •   Improves sound insulation

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If your neighbour’s house doesn’t have insulation we first install a cavity wall barrier to separate the two properties. This will prevent any material passing between the two.

This is entirely dependent on the size of your home or business and whether there is any existing insulation. To find out whether you qualify for cavity wall insulation funding click the link below.

Grant Funding is available for cavity wall insulation. To check your eligibility all you need to do is complete our online form. It really is that simple.

A cavity wall is a wall that consists of two layers of brick separated by a hollow space. The layers are typically constructed from masonry like brick or cinder block.

The length of time your cavity wall insulation remains effective will depend almost entirely on the type of material used to fill the wall cavity. Here at Green Home Systems, we have PAS2030 accreditation leading industry standard, meaning that you can rest assured that any work carried out will be done to the highest standard.

Dependent on your particular circumstances you could well be entitled to grant funding for free cavity wall insulation. Click the link to discover what funding is available to you.

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