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Considering Cavity Wall Insulation for Your Home in Irvine and Troon?

When heat leaves a property, more often than not it goes through the walls. Here at Green Home Systems our aim is to reduce your energy bills by up to 35% by installing cavity wall insulation in Irvine and Troon.

When you insulate the walls of any property there will be lower energy usage, as the heat will be kept in the property for a much longer period of time. This means that you will only need to burn a smaller amount of fuel to keep the property well heated. As a result the installation of cavity wall insulation in Irvine and Troon will undoubtedly help reduce your energy costs.

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What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

The main aim of cavity wall insulation is to help property owners reduce the loss of heat through the walls of their property. The team here at Green Home Systems achieve this by injecting a variety of insulation materials into the cavities in the walls of your home or business.

This procedure is only available to you if your home is of cavity wall construction. Once we have ascertained that your property is suitable, we will begin the process. Cavity wall insulation in Irvine and Troon starts with the drilling of small holes into your external walls. These holes are then filled up with one of several insulation materials.

It is essential that the most suitable insulation is chosen, as failure to do this can result in issues such as condensation further down the line. Once we have installed cavity wall insulation in your property, you can look forward to not only a warmer space, but also lower heating bills.

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Did You Know Your House Can Lose a Third of Its Heat Through Uninsulated Cavity Walls in Irvine & Troon

One of the best ways to make your home a more energy efficient space is to insulate the walls. When you install cavity wall insulation in Irvine and Troon, it will act as a thermal barrier designed to stop heat leaving your property. This makes it much easier to turn your home into a warm energy efficient space.

Here at Green Home Systems we are proud of the fact that we are recognised as a PAS2030 accredited company. PAS2030 is the highest standard available in the insulation industry and by achieving this we feel we have demonstrated our commitment to quality. When you choose us to install your cavity wall insulation in Irvine and Troon, we will endeavour to help you not only lower your heating bills, but also reduce carbon emissions. So installing cavity wall insulation in your home will not only reduce costs, but also have a positive effect on the environment.

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Cavity Wall Insulation Types

When choosing cavity wall insulation materials there are several options available to you. If you are unsure which material best meets your requirements, then our engineers will be on hand to offer advice. The different types of insulation materials include mineral wool, UF foam, or polystyrene beads.

Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

When you put cavity wall insulation in your property, you will benefit in a number of different ways such as:

  •   Cheaper heating bills
  •   A warmer home during colder months
  •   Extends the life of your boiler
  •   Quick, Easy installation
  •   Maintenance Free
  •   Improves sound insulation

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Cavity Wall Insulation - FAQs

Yes, you can get a grant to install cavity wall insulation, as there is an ECO funding scheme offered by Home Energy Scotland (HES), designed to help you get cavity wall insulation installed.  Certain conditions and requirements apply in order to qualify for funding to install cavity wall insulation, but if you meet them, you can apply for funding.

If you have just installed it, it can last for around 15 to 20 years. In some cases, it might last even longer. But if you do not have a proper cavity wall insulation, then you will have to replace it as soon as possible.

Cavity wall insulation is a very straightforward solution to improving the thermal performance of your home. The process is fully reversible, so if you ever need to sell your house, it will be simple to install your cavity wall insulation back to the way it was. Of course, you will need to make sure the wall cavity is accessible before purchasing the insulation in the first place. If you’d like to see how Cavity Wall insulation in Irvine can transform the energy efficiency of your home, feel free to check out Green Home Systems.

The length of time it takes to install cavity wall insulation in Irvine does depend on the size of your building. A typical home will take 2-3 hours, while more robust homes take a bit longer. There are many factors involved in the installation process. The most important of which is the condition of the building you are insulating. If the building is in a bad condition, it will take much longer to complete the installation. Go to our website for more details.

Yes, but you will need to get permission from your landlord first. Make sure you also need to check whether you are eligible to have the work done at no or low cost through the ECO scheme. To learn more about circumstances for cavity wall insulations in Irvine, visit our site.

Cavity wall insulation does NOT cause damp issues. In fact, cavity wall insulation is designed to stop heat from escaping from your home into the cold cavity of your property. This heat loss can make your property cold, draughty and damp. Cavity wall insulation will actually help to keep your property warmer and dryer.

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