How To Reduce Your Electricity Bills With Solar PV

Case study: Solar PV installation for a four-bedroom house in Troon

Green Home Systems recently installed a solar PV system for a homeowner in Troon that has brought their electricity consumption from the national grid down to zero. The customer was delighted to see their smart meter electricity usage drop to zero as soon as the solar PV had been installed, demonstrating the instant benefits of energy efficiency home improvements. This means that at that time the home was not drawing any electricity from the national grid which could be charged by an energy supplier. Instead, the house generates its own electricity directly from the sun and uses it to power all the electrical appliances and lighting within the home.

Prior to the installation, the four-bedroom detached family home had an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D which is the average rating for a home in Scotland. This has now been improved to band C, which brings it into line with the forthcoming Scottish Government minimum EPC regulations which are expected to penalise homeowners who fall short of the threshold.

Green Home Systems’ team of expert electricians and renewables specialists installed a ten panel 4kW solar array on the south facing roof of the property to maximise sun exposure. This was installed together with a hybrid inverter and a 6.5kW battery that ensures that the free solar energy generated on the roof is used within the home first before any power is drawn from the costly national grid. Excess solar energy is used to charge the battery, which is drawn down as required by the home at night and then recharged again later. All this adds up to a renewable energy system that functions to maximise the benefit to the homeowner: generating, storing, and releasing environmentally friendly electricity with very little running costs.

With the cost of electricity at an all-time high and set to rise even further, the economic rationale for solar PV grows stronger. The expected payback period for a domestic solar PV system in Scotland has now been reduced to just over six years. This means that after six years the upfront cost of installing the system will have been recovered from reduced electricity bills, but those bill savings will continue for many years to come.

In addition to bill savings, the environmental case for renewable energy is powerful. Climate change threatens our way of life and solar PV is a very effective way to lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Here’s What the Homeowner Said About Their Solar PV Project:

“We are delighted with the solar PV system installed by Green Home Systems, and the service provided by all the staff was ideal.”

If you would like to learn more about how to reduce your electricity bills with a solar PV system, please contact Green Home Systems on 0800 783 3373.

What Solar PV Did We Install?

Green Home Systems installed ten JA Solar 390W panels, with a Growatt SPH3600 hybrid inverter to manage the power consumption, and a 6.5kW Growatt Solar Battery which uses lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology.

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