Green Home Systems announce multi-council ECO4 Flex coverage

ECO4 flex image with map

Green Home Systems has been approved to access funding to deliver energy saving measures to residents of nine local authority areas across Scotland as part of a national fuel poverty scheme.

The energy efficiency specialist has also announced that they are in advanced talks with six other local authority areas who are keen to develop similar programmes, which will bring their ECO Flex coverage to almost half of Scotland. These partnerships allow the standard “means test” for unlocking ECO4 funding to be waived in favour of more flexible and locally set eligibility routes, which means more families can benefit and not just those receiving state benefits.

The announcement is part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) programme, which is the UK Government’s flagship energy efficiency policy. ECO4 aims to tackle fuel poverty and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from homes throughout the UK by providing free or heavily subsidised energy efficient home improvements, and the guidelines permit each local authority to develop its own eligibility criteria for applicants called “ECO Flex”. This means that councils can assist fuel poor residents by developing bespoke eligibility routes that best serve the local population.

Green Home Systems can now deliver ECO4 measures to residents in the following areas:


Aberdeen City


Dumfries & Galloway

Dundee City

East Ayrshire

North Lanarkshire

Perth & Kinross


South Lanarkshire


Green Home Systems has considerable experience delivering ECO energy saving measures to households across Scotland. It is an accredited energy efficiency specialist holding multiple industry qualifications and provides a wide range of energy efficiency services including thermal insulation, smart heating systems, renewable energy technologies and electric vehicle charge points. Established in 2014, the company has completed over 16,500 energy efficiency projects, lifted over 7,000 families out of fuel poverty and prevented more than 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.


Alastair Macphie, Managing Director at Green Home Systems, said:

“ECO Flex provides an excellent opportunity for local authorities to help their residents access grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. It is really encouraging that these councils recognise the importance of the ECO4 programme as a tool to address fuel poverty and climate change.”


Graeme Kerr, Sales Director at Green Home Systems, said:

“We are delighted with this announcement and are now calling on all private households in these areas to contact us for help with their energy efficiency. This includes private homeowners, private renters, private landlords and their agents. We can provide free insulation, heat pumps, solar panels, energy efficient gas boilers and electric heating, and now have the flexibility to unlock considerable levels of grant funding to many households and not just those receiving state benefits.”

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