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Green Home Systems is a main contractor who specialise in the refurbishment of occupied housing for local authorities throughout the UK.

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Green Home Systems is a main contractor who specialise in the refurbishment of occupied housing for local authorities throughout the UK.

Regenerating communities is at the heart of what we do, and we understand that warm and healthy housing is the keystone to community wealth building. We seek to eradicate fuel poverty and end climate change by making our communities energy efficient and carbon neutral.

With our expertise we are able to deliver quality as standard across our building refurbishment and energy efficiency solutions.

Local Authority Flexibility

Local Authority Flexibility (or “LA Flex”) is an opportunity for local authorities to maximise the energy efficiency grant funding options that are available to its local residents, including both private tenants and homeowners. It provides an eligibility route that each local authority can set to meet the specific needs of the locality and allow its residents to access Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding worth £640M per year.

We can help local authorities design and implement their own LA Flex scheme that will help local residents lower their energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Area Based Schemes

Scottish area-based schemes (ABS) are energy efficiency housing improvement projects designed and delivered by councils with the assistance of local delivery partners. ABS is funded by the Scottish Government and normally blended with Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grants and owners contributions to develop and deliver insulation programmes for non-traditional, solid wall properties.

ABS programmes follow an area-based approach with the initial focus on the most deprived areas to provide energy efficiency measures to a large number of Scottish homes while delivering emission savings and reducing fuel poverty. Responsibility for ABS programme delivery falls to local authorities, who are considered best placed through their Local Housing Strategies to understand the nature of housing provision and to co-ordinate a local supply-chain. The types of energy efficiency measures that are available are dependent on the local authority’s priorities and how they intend to develop the scheme for the benefit of their locality.

We help local authorities design and deliver ABS projects by using our market-leading expertise to ensure that large energy efficiency programmes are delivered to plan and on time with quality assured.

Why work with us?

Understanding how to deliver projects can be difficult, but we can assist by using our market-leading expertise to provide end to end project management and installation services, including Whole House Retrofit. We can help assess, design, and install energy efficiency improvement projects from inception to completion, and advise on eligibility and access to different funding routes.

We work in direct partnership with utility companies to allocate Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding and deliver energy efficiency measures throughout the UK. By working with us you can access ECO funding with an award winning and fully accredited energy efficiency specialist.

We have the qualifications and experience to meet the needs of your energy efficiency ambitions.


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