Solar PV - Troon

Green Home Systems’ team of expert electricians and renewables specialists installed a ten panel 4kW solar array on the south facing roof of the property to maximise sun exposure. This was installed together with a hybrid inverter and a 6.5kW battery that ensures that the free solar energy generated on the roof is used within the home first before any power is drawn from the costly national grid. Excess solar energy is used to charge the battery, which is drawn down as required by the home at night and then recharged again later. All this adds up to a renewable energy system that functions to maximise the benefit to the homeowner: generating, storing, and releasing environmentally friendly electricity with very little running costs.

Products installed:

10 x JA Solar 390W panels

Growatt SPH3600 hybrid inverter

6.5kW Growatt Solar Battery

Client Testimonial

"We are delighted with the solar PV system installed by Green Home Systems, and the service provided by all the staff was ideal."

Mr Grant, Troon (June 2022)